We start today’s #SMXChat framing post with a question: What is your experience with B2B social and social business development?

Because with all the buzz around social networks, one still must wonder 1) If small businesses are properly embracing the concepts of using social marketing, and 2) If they are having success, building up best practices, and driving revenue.

Big business and brands have an advantage over small to medium-sized businesses in that there is (more) money. Large marketing budgets enable large businesses to commit resources to various marketing channels with relatively low risk. But small and medium-sized businesses (the huge majority of businesses, by the way) have to evaluate every step and every expenditure against their impact on revenue.

Do brands have the advantage in social marketing?

This phenomenon is interesting in that brands, with the resources to invest, often lag behind smaller businesses in their exposure to new marketing ideas and trends. So their initial efforts are sometimes haphazard and fraught with risk. Yet, with the large resources behind them, they eventually get it right. Can you think of some brands that are just supreme social marketing machines right now? What does it take to get small and medium businesses working social marketing too? I can think of a few ideas…

Q1) What are your top three steps in initiating a B2B/BD social media strategy?

Q2) What aspects of business development fit into a social strategy?

Q3) How can we integrate social strategy with traditional business development tactics?

Q4) Does a social strategy have a role in outbound business development, such as cold calling?

Q5) How are social marketing and content marketing affecting business development?

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