We keep talking about adding value and keep asking others to add value; but what do really mean by that? Do we really add value to what we expect others to add value to? Or do we just expect others to “add value” and we just say it; because saying “add value” to others sounds a cool thing to say?

Now let’s put this in a business context and the relationship between brands and their audience.

This is the topic at #SMXChat this week. Below are list of suggested questions to go through and discuss during the chat:

1) With whom does the perception of value lie?

2) Where does perceived value come from in consumers?

3) When value relates to need, what happens?

4) What happens when value is disconnected from need?

5) Value, integrity and transparency are tied together. Agree/Disagree?

Looking forward to another exciting and informative chat with you lots! 🙂

Picture is courtesy of global site plans.