Social channels provide us a forum. Such opportunities have existed for a long time (have you ever written a Letter to the Editor?) but the scale and real-time nature of social channels makes it especially potent and powerful. So what we decide to share, what we comment on, and our viewpoints really add to a dynamic conversation. That is unique in the history of communication.

Whoever said ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ was spot on. From whichever perspective you take, you have an obligation to contribute. As we’ve seen in numerous examples recently, what you think and say might just change the world.

Q1) Are social media influencers an extension of news media? Should they be treated as such regarding free speech and expression?

Q2) Should social influencers self-censor their posts in consideration of their audience?

Q3) Why do we tend to follow and interact with sources and connections that agree with or reflect our own views?

Q4) Do search and feed algorithms affect or even replace our own judgement in selecting search results?

Q5) What are some consequences of sharing/not sharing the (sometimes brutal) reality of the world on social channels?