Definition: The social leader is one that is using social media to attain business goals.

It is hardly a question or even a choice anymore. The future of business belongs to those that integrate social principles into every facet of the organization. We see leaders at all levels of business engaging with constituents and supporting brands in social media. And how much are we hearing of the questions of two or three years ago, like what’s the ROI? Or how do we manage the risks?

Today, the questions surround how brands empower and nurture communities. Social IS word-of-mouth now. Trust is essential. So the social brand must deliver all the way along the value chain, from marketing and PR/Communications to customer support and everywhere in between. Wow, that’s a tall order. And it means that organizations must rely on the leadership of many to accomplish their social and community objectives.

Q1) What’s the primary responsibility of a social leader?

Q2) How might social leaders articulate business goals to engage stakeholders?

Q3) Does transparency mean a social leader becomes vulnerable in some ways? Is that good or bad?

Q4) Social is founded on inclusion. How can leaders assure that everyone who wishes to participates?

Q5) The brand has a social ‘voice.’ Who decides what it is? How do you keep it consistent?

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