The World Cup inspires this week’s look at social media branding and international events. There are few spectacles (maybe The Oscars) for which the eyes of the world focus on a single event. With these renowned world wide events, social media offers more than traditional advertising opportunities – and that can go a long way in promotion, visibility and branding.

Planning and preparing for such an event is a monumental task, as is the execution of the plan – as in the case of the World Cup, it’s a month-long effort! But even if it’s not a month-long event, preparing a social plan that is aligned with the significance of the occasion is of utmost consideration.

The global significance of the the World Cup makes it likely that only the most recognized and respected brands participate. Right? Well, let’s think of this as a learning opportunity, a teaching moment. What social media branding ideas can we come up with to match the spectacle of such significant events?

Can small(er) brands make big events work for them?

Q1) Are national and global events the domain of only the largest, most recognized brands?

Q2) What factors would your social media plan for a major event consider?

Q3) How might you align your efforts with the event’s organizers?

Q4) Are news events too unpredictable for social branding opportunities?

Q5) It’s usually the small things – the details – that get you. What details would you be sure you had covered?

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