We have all been there at some time. Now, whether you’ve been on social medial one week, or five years, do you recall the feeling of just getting started? Okay, it’s not like skydiving for the first time. But it’s close!

And now that the various social networks are mainstream, it’s even more common and important that we reach out and join in. Because our digital footprint is our brand, right? Our persona, our reputation, and our ticket to career notoriety.

So how does one get started? Think about that. If you knew now what you didn’t know then. Would you do  things differently?

What would you do differently today?

1) What’s the first bit of advice you’d give someone that’s beginning a personal branding journey today?

2) How does one establish contacts and relationships in social media?

3) What role does mentorship play? How does one find a mentor? Would you offer to be a mentor?

4) What’s the best tactic – should you spread thin an be everywhere, or go deep establish strong in a few places?

5) Mainstream networks are firmly established. What do emerging networks offer?

Image credits:

1) writtent.com

2) ipwatchdog.com