It’s graduation season. Another wave of high school seniors heading to college (and some into the workforce, right?) And very much to the point, many new college graduates hoping to establish themselves on a career path. I’m thinking, you know, that high school students really are okay with using social media impetuously. We were all young once, eh? But entering college is a really good time to consider how you want to project your image to the academic and business world. And if the ol’ image could use a little rehabilitation and polishing prior to college graduation? Four years is a good long time to do it in.

Professional recruiters (at least the socially savvy ones) are using social media creatively, both in recruiting and in researching recruits. But I think, more than that, companies and brands are becoming more aware of the value and benefit of personal brands’ on their corporate brand. We come to our careers with history, and with potential, right? Our online reputation is a great way to stand out from the crowd of job applicants.

Add to the reputation mix that the newest wave of social branding might just be that our digital footprint/social profile IS our professional resume. Hey, it’s not as far-fetched as you may think. What are you best recommendations for building online and social presence?

1) Our digital footprint defines us whether we nurture it or ignore it. True or False?

2) What networks should young people focus on in establishing/building personal brands ?

3) What might college grads with some unflattering aspects in their digital profiles do to fix that?

4) Do social reputation/influence scores like Klout and Kred carry weight and credibility for new graduates?

5) How should graduates position their digital footprint in their job search?

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