It seems rather simple. Sometimes it’s fun. Other times, it’s serious. The hashtag has an intended meaning, but then, a life of its own! So how does a business/brand own its hashtag(s)? Or does it?

Remember the first tenet of social media marketing: It’s not about you. Hashtags associated with your business and brand require thoughtful planning and watchful execution along with confidence in and a realistic perspective on your brand’s reputation. Because once it gets rolling, its a freight train. You can’t stop it, so you’re along for the ride.

This week’s #SMXChat guest is Mark Shaw from London. Mark is an established speaker, author of Twitter Your Business and Trainer on Twitter with numerous talks and interviews under his belt. Mark currently has 2 Twitter related talks – Twitter is not just about cheese sandwiches and from Twitter rags to riches. 

1) What things do you consider in creating hashtags associated with your business/brand?

2) What are some ways to introduce a branded hashtag campaign?

3) What things can you do to create and sustain momentum in the campaign?

4) What tools help you keep track of what’s going on with the campaign?

5) What can you do if the campaign takes an unexpected turn?