Whether you’re supporting a brand or branding yourself, you probably have a pretty unique way of doing it. In these times of everything social we have many ways to express ourselves, and so many places to do it in! So we wonder, what IS your company brand/ personal brand style?

Mark W. Shaefer, the noted marketing consultant, details The 5 types of company Twitter accounts in a recent blog post, and it has us thinking about which types our #SMXChat community gravitate toward. And also the what, why and how of our broader social media marketing and branding efforts. As @eksays might say, it’s the WHY that is so important in driving the what and how.

The popular topics of discussion in social marketing – engagement, humanization, and community are driven by the decisions you make in how you connect with people, your potential customers. Yes, people. The smallest building block of social networking.

1) What internal factors drive company/brand social media style?

2) What external factors drive company/brand social media style?

3) What is the most important factor in creating company/brand social media style?

4) Does company/brand social media style adjust for different social networks and channels?

5) How do you test that your chosen style is right for your audience?