Turn it around 180° from last week, and let’s look at social media hiring practices. The market for social media talent is maturing. That means that we have a talent pool with specific and long-term experience in the social spheres across the business spectrum – in marketing, communications, customer service, business development and sales. You name it. This has several effects on the talent market:

  • Social media skills are going to cost more. The days of the $10.00 per hour social media workforce are waning.
  • Social media is getting more sophisticated. As a hiring manager, you may be looking at more technical skills than was common in the past.
  • The enabling and complementary technologies around social media are playing important roles. Skill audits and certifications are objective measures of qualifications.
  • ‘Non traditional’ recruiting methods are becoming the expectation. The emailed resume is dead (ok, then… it’s enduring a slow painful death).
  • Non-traditional workplace practices are on the rise, including virtual offices and contract workers.

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Are business leaders and managers ready? Do you feel prepared to assess the talent you’ll need in the coming year? Two? Five?

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Q1) What are ‘required’ skills for a social media hire?  

Q2) What key words/phrases would a social media job description you’d write use?

Q3) What questions would you ask when interviewing candidates for social media positions?

Q4) How do you validate a candidate’s social media skills and experience? And their social profile?

Q5) What training do you have or would you put in place for social media hires?

Bonus Q6) How do you advertise/promote social media jobs to attract qualified applicants?