#SMXChat Tu 3-18-14

In many pursuits, a solid strategy is vital to success. So it follows that strategy is really important to success in building a strong brand/business presence in social media, right? None of us would debate that logic.

Confession: During our recent chat about social media buzzwords, I noted the term ‘social strategist’ as my buzzword pet peeve. I admit it – I am a skeptic. But not for the reason that you may assume. The simple truth is that I feel it’s an over-used description in social media profiles. Maybe I’m wrong, and perhaps I attach too much gravitas to the term, but in my mind, ‘strategist’ is a description that is reserved for the topmost level of expertise. A strategist is a talented and visionary student of the discipline. Yes, student. Because, what? Everything in today’s world changes so rapidly that you better keep up with the latest developments or you’ll find yourself obsolete.

I digress. I feel the need to rationalize my skepticism before introducing our guests for this week’s #SMXChat because these are two people whose instincts, expertise, and reputations I feel are worthy of the strategist label: Please welcome Brooke Ballard (@MadSMScientist, @B2MediaLLC) and Jenn Hanford (@JennGHanford, @jplussocial) to #SMXChat!

Today’s chat is going to focus on the highest level of social media and community strategy. It’s going to be fast and fun, because we have lots of serious expertise in our community. So let’s share the wisdom. And challenge our topic. This is important, because as I said at the top, without a strategy, your social media effort is bound to struggle.

Q1) Describe the role of the social strategist.

Q2) How might you pitch a ‘social strategy’ to a business leader/decision maker?

Q3) Starting fresh vs. established program: What are some differences in strategies?

Q4) Social strategist ≠ community manager. How are they distinct from each other?

Q5) We strive to organize engaged communities. How is community strategy intertwined with social strategy?

Q6) How should community strategy adapt to match business strategy?