A little more than a year ago, after a couple months of discussion and visioning, Ehsan and Mark decided to take the leap and start #SMXChat. We spoke of a chat where we’d build a community of learning and of the hope that it would become a go-to destination for diverse perspectives and experiences on social media topics from both sides of the Atlantic.

Here we are, one year and about 49 chats later (we skipped three scheduled chats last year for holidays in the U.S.). It’s been everything we hoped for! but we are not (really, we’re not) looking for laurels and ‘pat’s on the back.’ We approach this week’s chat with an aura of introspection. We’re happy to be part of this community that approaches each week with a unique blend of expertise, perspective and experience. We say it a lot – that it IS the community that makes the chat. Honestly, it has happened more than once that what we expected to be a rather bland topic became an animated and enriching chat! Thanks to you.

From us to you, heartfelt gratitude.

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America

This community makes every Tuesday afternoon educational, enlightening and fun! But also, we want to be sure we serve you in the best manner possible. Today, let’s take the opportunity to critique the chat, to talk about things we like, things we don’t so much, and suggestions about making sure we’re meeting the expectations of the entire community – because without you, it wouldn’t work, at all.

Q1) What does #SMXChat mean to you? Would you change it in any way?

Q2) Has #SMXChat taught you any lessons that surprised you?

Q3) Has #SMXChat covered topics you consider important and timely? Did we miss anything?

Q4) Do you feel like you can make suggestions for topics? Have any of you suggested a topic that we did not cover? #SMXChat

Q5) We plan to invite guests more often this year. What do you all think of that format? #SMXChat

Q6) What can we do to serve the #SMXChat community best in the coming year?