There are a couple of recent developments that inspire this week’s chat. First both Ford (F) and Volvo (VOLVY) have announced new deals for integration of ‘infotainment’ systems into their vehicles – Volvo announcing a deal with Apple for CarPlay and Ford announcing a partnership with Blackberry (of all things!) for its QNX operating system to replace Microsoft in its Ford SYNC system. And Google Glass, though still  in its ‘explorer’ stage is ubiquitous in conversations about wearable technology and it’s influence on our lives.

Granted, the systems installed in vehicles so far only include capabilities like phone, music, maps, messages (texts and…), and podcasts. Certainly we don’t have to take much of a leap to imagine integration of social media and apps.

Apple CarPlay

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This past Sunday night at #hcsm (Healthcare Social Media Chat) there was discussion about patients and healthcare providers using wearable tech, including, of course, the issue of privacy, but also the issues of ethics and etiquette. These have been discussed before in reference to the etiquette and protocol of glass explorers – just how far are we willing to allow technology into our everyday life?

Q1) Is close-proximity technology like Glass likely to enhance our quality of life?

Q2) Does wearable tech like Glass require a new paradigm of etiquette for the wearer?

Q3) How would you feel about being asked to remove wearable tech?

Q4) Are updated ethics required regarding intrusion (like Ads) on close proximity technology like Glass or in your car?

Q5) Should there be safety standards built into such technology, to protect us from ourselves?

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