Our guest this week is Merlin U Ward, author of ‘You Get What You Give’. Merlin describes the title of his book as both a philosophy of social media engagement and a framework for businesses in the implementation of social media marketing. It just so happens that the philosophy part coincides perfectly with #SMXChat, where our goal is to create a forum where we each are welcome to share, to give, and to receive, and get, the most from this community.

Q1) How is a philosophy of giving important to success in social media?

Q2) Why is it crucial to have a ‘why’ of implementing social media for a business/brand?

Q3) Contributing in social media has costs. What should a brand expect to get in return?

Q4) How can brands measure, assess and act on the ‘You Get What You Give’ philosophy?

Q5) How does ‘anchoring’ a social media strategy help businesses/brands get started?

Q6) How does a business/brand avoid ‘siloed’ social media efforts?

Image credit: Twitter