Many of the topics of our chat are, honestly, preaching to the choir about the benefits and rewards of social media. So, at risk of baring some degree of cynicism, may we ask, is social media marketing living up to its potential?

I’ll admit to sometimes struggling, even agonizing, over our weekly topics. You’d be surprised how quickly Monday night rolls around and I have clarified our topic yet. Today’s debate is inspired by a tweet in one of my favorite chats, #CXO (Customer eXperience Optimization), that has evoked the question in my mind. My good friend Steve Levy (@levyrecruits) said this: “with social media, marketing is becoming a short term echo chamber.”

Let’s ponder that depth of that statement. Marketing, as a business and academic discipline, has been around a long time. Many ‘disruptive’ technological innovations have come and gone over the years, and my friend Steve might assert  that marketing is still the same as it ever was. Technology innovations, especially in media, have served to amplify marketing efforts, but have they really changed them? The disruptive effect of social media should bring us closer to the promise of connected, community/consumer focused ‘marketing.’ Or is that even marketing anymore? Another very revealing tweet from the #CXO chat is from @janegill13, and Jane stated that its ‘Best if marketing feels more like customer service. Which requires organisations to design CX in from the start.’ Aha! Marketing in SERVICE to customers. Maybe that’s the sea change that is still over the horizon.

Q1) Hasn’t social simply amplified ‘old school’ marketing?

Q2) Does social marketing significantly enhance the experience of the customer? Examples.

Q3) Aren’t marketers/brands effectively feeding their egos with the manner in which social is being used?

Q4) If social’s full potential is yet to come, what should we expect when it happens?

Q5) Is there a disruptive technology is out there that might revolutionize marketing before social matures?

Q6) What might we call a new discipline that honestly exists to serve customers’ needs?

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