All it takes to make friends and influence people on social media is the resolve to jump in and get involved. It’s true for individuals and their ‘personal brands’ and just as true to businesses, large or small. We all have an equal opportunity to make of it what we will. In this manner, it matters hardly at all that you’re a start up business competing against established, successful ones. Your story is yours to tell, and the internet and social media provide a largely objective forum to tell it in.

So, while a well known brand has the perceived advantage of visibility and recognition, they fall prey just as easily to the foibles and fickle nature of the social medium, being just as vulnerable to missteps and misunderstanding as any of us. The role  of social media and community managers is a complex dance that involves just the right mix of information, entertainment, humor, and, perhaps, controversy to engage the audience and keep conversations going. The proportion of each is not formulaic – if we had the recipe, well, we’d be selling it somewhere by now, wouldn’t we? That’s the magic that demonstrates  the value of someone who is really good in these roles. It looks easy for someone who has the knack.

Q1) What are the key ingredients to gaining influence social networks?

Q2) What are the keys to success in managing brand communities?

Q3) Are the roles of social media manager and community manager interchange-able? Are they co-dependent?

Q4) What distinguishes brand communities from social networks?

Q5) What word or phrase describes a meaningful brand community?

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