Let us try not to re-hash the conversation about whether business leaders, i.e. CEOs and their direct reports at the C-level of organizations, should be participating and engaging via social media. We think the consensus is clear, especially in the context of building/evolving a social business. But what of the discussion about how to optimize the activity of business leaders? Vision, guidance, and execution of a social strategy is a significant competitive advantage, according to this insightful article by McKinsey&Company. Barring all the statistics regarding Fortune 500 CEOs acceptance of social media, we can each think of a few examples of business executives that are active and successful in both corporate and personal branding.

So considering the majority of C-level leaders that are NOT social media superstars, there must be a lot of middle ground between those that eschew the opportunity completely and those for whom the rest of us hang on every word. In that wide swath of activity, there are varying levels of value. Leaders expecting value, and, dare we say, ROI, from social media marketing must expect to invest something of their own in the effort, right?

Q1) What role can social media play in transparency of leadership?

Q2) Should a C-leader develop a personal brand separate from their business brand?

Q3) What’s the most effective way for C-leaders to promote the brand? i.e., Creating, Distributing, Monitoring?

Q4) How might we maintain and promote consistency between leaders’ online and offline reputation?

Q5) How should the C-leadership team manage their collective social media activity?

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