Is it a ‘good problem’ to have? Your social media efforts are on fire! Your website is getting lots of visits (and conversions), your Facebook and Twitter communities are getting difficult to keep up with. How many new blog ideas can you come up with? What about that Google + business page you just started? And Pinterest, and Instagram, and your new contacts in the blogging communities… Uh oh – you’ve created a monster!

But no worries – he’s friendly. As long as you keep feeding him. One thing is for sure, once the momentum is up, you have to keep your foot on the pedal, right? Keep the content coming, raise the visibility more and more. A great social media effort is self-sustaining. The more successful it becomes, the more work it requires. This week, let’s talk about keeping the social media monster happy with great ideas for sustainability and scalability. If growth is the goal, you need the plan, the tools and the people to keep it up.

Q1) What are some signs that your social media success has out grown your ability to maintain it?

Q2) Once you see the signs, should you hire in for help, or contract it out?

Q3) Hiring or contracting, what qualifications do you concentrate on?

Q4) What questions do you ask? What answers should you listen for?

Q5) If the monster is too large and powerful, what can you do to keep it in check? Is scaling up always the answer?

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