The World Series. In the US, we call it the Fall Classic. In the UK and around the world, think of it like the Cricket World Cup – it doesn’t rise to the level of the American Football Super Bowl or the Football (Soccer) World Cup. It is a great finish to a long season of competition, and the last segment of a tournament that puts the best teams from two leagues in one last seven-game series to determine the champion. Like in many competitions, and especially in sports – anything can happen. Analysts refer to mountains of  statistics, and man, does baseball have its statistics. And its interesting how the stats, metrics and reporting change as the game has changed.

Social media has a much shorter history than baseball, but it sure can rival it in its reliance on statistics and analysis. The volume of data is enormous and its important to track performance and to report results. Worthy effort deserves proper recognition, and reliance on social media and technology requires a certain level of trust that must be proven. Our chat today is about proving results – can it be done? How do you do it?

Q1) What performance metrics do you use?

Q2) Do the metrics change if you’re tracking personal brand vs businesses and brands?

Q3) What are some specific products that make data collection and reporting easier?

Q4) How often should you measure and report performance?

Q5) What external data sources clarify the performance picture?

Q6) How do you keep it simple? Infographics? Explanations? Or the easiest measure – focus on the bottom line?