Done with proper passion and commitment to making connections, building reputation, and creating a clear message, social media is fun! It’s very much about making friends – with colleagues, customers, communities and heck, even competitors, in a let’s a play nice kind of way. This time of year, we recall the beauty of autumn. Eating apples and donuts and drinking cider, the smell of fallen leaves and hay bales and corn stalks among the decorations by our doors.

The history of the Halloween celebration isn’t necessarily linked to our modern fears of ghosts and goblins, but founded on paying respects to the memory of our ancestors. I guess that may conjure up images of  it can be a spooky and scary world out here, though. Dangers lurk, temptations abound. What to do when something spooky or scary comes along?

Let’s face it, not everything turns out as we plan it! Can this season and this holiday celebrating spirits, ghouls, and scary images teach us a few things about social media marketing? We’re gonna bet on that for today’s #SMXChat. See y’all there! Don’t be scared, we don’t bite.

Q1) What do you do if your social media efforts have turned out a bit like Frankenstein (built from lots of mismatched pieces)?

Q2) Those vampires from Twilight are fast, and everywhere! How can you avoid being bitten, and keep on your own path?

Q3) Did you hear that? What was that noise? Should we investigate/respond to every bump in the night?

Q4) Linus says the Great Pumpkin rises up to visit the most sincere pumpkin patch. Is sincerity the best way to impress a community?

Q5) At Halloween, we wear costumes and can be someone(thing) that we aren’t. Are brands doing that every day in social media?

Q6) Cider, donuts and apples are favorites. We travel far and wide for them, while the grocery store has an entire section. Why?

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