The phrase ‘best practices’ implies the voice of experience – steps, actions and advice that have lead to successful outcomes. There are a lot of ‘practitioners’ in the social media sphere, and as marketers gain more experience, a vast store of knowledge and advice. Sharing experience and advice has an cascading effect – it feels good to help others by offering your experience and advice, and it’s educational and informative to see how others interpret and make use of such advice. How often is it that we explain our way of doing something and watch as someone does it with that little twist or flair, and improves on it? This is the essence of sharing knowledge.
A guiding principle of #SMXCHat is that everyone shares and learns together. Now there’s a best practice!
Q1) What is your definition of  best practices for social media in business?
Q2) Is it always a good idea to model what is working for others?
Q3) How might such practices vary, for example, by industry, geography, demographics, and culture?
Q4) What role does your audience play in establishing and validating best practices?
Q5) How can we experiment with suggested best practices?