Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about how social media is changing how we think about more ‘traditional’ marketing? We have, and it comes to mind that a very traditional gathering – like a user summit, a trade organization meeting, or a brand or industry-centric event – is an awesome opportunity to use social media support your message, spread the word, and include a wider audience in the fun!

Many of us think first of the Twitter hashtag, but there are certainly many creative promotional, supportive and post-event activities that various social media platforms can enhance. We’ll venture to guess that there lots of things that we may not have thought of! So, think for a moment about how you might plan social media activity to support your event, and let’s discuss!

Q1) What aspects of planning and executing your event are best suited to social media?

Q2) How do you decide which social media channels to surround your event with?

Q3) How far in advance does the social media planning begin?

Q4) What social media activity takes place during the event?

Q5) How do you track how your social media effort impacts the event?

Q6) How do you keep the social media momentum going after the event?

Image credit: www.postano.com

Here’s a good article from Mashable: