I admit it. As a sales person, I love inbound marketing. Who wouldn’t? All my leads are fed to me warm and toasty – at the ‘buying stage’ of the sales cycle. This is what I’m good at – taking an informed, intelligent and motivated buyer and bringing them home to our solution(s). It’s a beautiful thing! My efforts are concentrated where they belong – at proving the value and cementing the relationship.  And my success rate is through the roof! Our investment in building the mechanism of our inbound marketing machine is really paying off.

Oh, what a fantasy! Now, the real story. The cold call is not dead. I spend at least 70 percent of my time finding prospects and getting them to the next phase of the buying cycle – dragging, cajoling, pushing them along the way. It’s not a happy task! Well, it sort of is. Because as the feet on the street and the face in the place – we like doing what we do. But is it the best use of a professional sales person’s time? And, honestly, the success rate, for the time invested? It’s not a good value.

My first foray into inbound marketing, like that of many, was in web site development and search engine optimization/search engine marketing. It was an epiphany! Attracting prospects to web sites because they are looking for the product or service we’re selling. But now, social media has changed that equation, and dare I say it? It is at least equally as important as a component of inbound marketing as the best SEO/SEM effort. And, it faces similar challenges as it matures as a marketing strategy.

Today we are discussing the social media and lead generation in the context of B2B sales.  Let’s get started:

Q1) Does B2B require a traditional website any more? Why or why not?

Q2) What considerations go in to a B2B social media strategy?

Q3) Which social channels will get the B2B marketer the most visibility, right now?

Q4) What’s the best way to deliver a B2B message? For example, deep content vs. lots of posting.

Q5) Events like trade shows are huge for B2B. Does social media promotion help?

Q6) Which social media channels are best for best for promoting and updating for events? Why?