Brands seem to seep into our consciousness without our even knowing it, but it is not back any accident or fluke. Top of mind companies were once, like many, struggling with the question of how to reach consumers, buyers, people, communities and friends. It’s an unwritten formula of visibility, trust and serendipity that ends in the arrival of your brand as the top-of-mind choice. Yes, the influence effect is real, but it is that combination of knowledge, expertise, alchemy and luck that keeps your brand in the mind of an audience.

Social media is a powerful tool in creating influence for your brand and like for any job, one must choose the right tool for the intended purpose. We’ve talked in past chats about which tools match each objective. Today, let’s talk a bit about one objective: Achieving that elusive place in the mind, where random expression of vague needs arrives at: your brand.

1) What are some things that lead people to rely on a brand?

2) How does social media highlight attributes make a brand meaningful?

3) How do brands gain and/or prove expertise and thought leadership?

4) What role does corporate citizenship and social responsibility play in building brand reputation?

5) When does a brand’s social responsibility take precedence over its public relations need for attention? or vice versa?

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