We are on a roll on the theme of doing social media ‘right.’ While we recognize that the perspective on ‘right’ is up for some debate, we think that there are at least a few universal truths about things to avoid on social media. And we also will give you that this topic is dangerously close to last week’s on social media etiquette. The distinctions, although vague, are still there.

It’s a wide world out there with lots of opinions – and opinions are like… uh oh, we were about to venture onto shaky ground right there. So, what are your thoughts on the line between appropriate and not in social media?

Q1) Should negative feedback on your posts be avoided or ignored?

Q2) It’s so easy to post identical content on various channels, and it multiplies the message. What’s wrong with that?

Q3) We definitely want to avoid over-sharing. Or does our audience like to see our ‘human side’?

Q4) Many of us enjoy a healthy debate. Is it ok to cross the line to full-fledged argument? Why or why not?

Q5) We’ve seen criticism. But a personal attack is just wrong, isn’t it?

Q6) Divisive issues like religion and politics – fair game or keep it to yourself?

Image credit: www.yorkmix.com

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