Yes, this is a common topic of Twitter chats. But it comes to mind that common sense is not all that common! Who said that? It certainly is the phrase heard very often when it comes to understanding and exhibiting good manners in social media. Oh, and we’re not going to do the list of Dos and Don’ts – but honestly, this is a serious subject, worthy of the time we’ll spend in sharing our perspectives. Let’s have fun , too. After all, it’s summer vacation, right? Ah, if only…

Q1) Many Twitter chats provide time for introductions.  Do you always intro yourself? Why and why not?

Q2) Hashtags are not just for Twitter anymore. What is your rule for using them?

Q3) Social media is all about community, and community is about contributing, right? What are good ways to ‘add value’?

Q4) Who’s been busted on a blind share or RT? Is it compulsory to read what you share?

Q5) What are your rules regarding automation? It seems everyone despises the auto-DM. What else is taboo?

Q6) Engagement. How do you respond to Follows? RTs? Mean, nasty people?

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