From the beginning, #SMXChat was founded on the goal of building a community of  learners. To share collective knowledge and help others to learn and be successful in their social media efforts. In so doing, we are also certain, as is the case for us each week, that our community of veterans learns a little something, too. It’s a win-win!

This week we ask for your input about how we can continue to build this community and direct our efforts to help those that will benefit most – business people that are new to social media and social media marketing. Perhaps lost in the storm, looking for a port.

Q1) What are some ways to attract business people that are new to social media?

Q2) Some folks say ‘Jump in with both feet!’, others say ‘Observe and learn.’ How did you get started? What worked best?

Q3) What kinds of  topics serve an audience of people new to social media best?

Q4) What ‘skills’ should they be working on?

Q5) What are some good learning resources to point them to?

Q6) We’re in this together, right? Would you consider mentoring? How might that work?

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