Social media is revolutionizing businesses, small and large. And the evolution is happening so rapidly, that we can barely keep up! I refer, of course, to the  wide-ranging universe of social media platforms  – our ‘traditional’, maturing channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ – along with emerging, growing platforms like Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. And probably 50 others that are in a pipeline right now about to burst forth and change the game altogether.

Some very interesting principles of business and customer service continue to be universal, even in this era of rapid technology change. I speak of the foundation of your business: People. Clients. Customers. Communities.  The statistics on the growing volume of data are staggering, and if was to find a source on the web to quote them, they’d be obsolete by the time it press ‘publish.’  It follows logically, though, that a lot of information that can benefit your business is out there. Free for the taking. So, back to the universal principles. Somewhere in all this data, the people you want as customers wait to find you. Or for you to find them. To connect. Traditional ‘reporting’ on trends? Are you kidding? Today, we need up-to-the-moment, real-time INFORMATION to base our decisions on. Right? In terms of putting your business into the context of social data, we’re talking about Social Business.

Q1) What is your definition of social data?

Q2) What is your idea of a social business?

Q3) How does a business go about collecting social data?

Q4) How can businesses use data gleaned from social channels to their advantage?

Q5) Social media – a really large closed loop? or a dynamic, open, changing system that we can’t control?

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