By now many of us know that Vine is a short-duration (six second) video app. Videos are share-able on social networks, notably Facebook and Twitter. A six-second story with, we imagine, lots of creative uses. Vine debuted in January (co-incident with its acquisition by Twitter) as an iOS app and was recently released for Android OS. The Android release, like previously with Instagram, resulted in a huge increase in Vine App downloads. It is reported that just five days into Android availability, it has surpassed Instagram in ‘total daily shares’ on Twitter. So, Vine is a force to be reckoned with already, and it’s six months old!

Vine is hip, fast-moving, and hot. Video definitely tells a good story, right? Put some rapid-fire imaging together with 120 characters, and there you have it – but does it have a place in the brand marketing world? Let’s discuss.

Q1) What purposes might Vine be used for by businesses and brands?

Q2) It’s a hot social media app, so should marketers be developing campaigns around six-second videos?

Q3) Do you think Vine will  help marketers justify social media investment?

Q4) Anybody with a smartphone can do it. What kinds of issues does that raise for brands?

Q5) Does Vine reach a specific target audience?

Q6) Is six seconds long enough to be useful?

Q7) Is anyone  (or anything) curating for Vine? That’s an interesting concept.

Q8) What’s the most creative/useful Vine video you’ve seen?

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