As I prepare to write today’s framing post for #SMXChat, I’m torn. Our topic: Mobile. One word, lots of contexts. Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Instant Messaging, Mobile Marketing, Phones v. Tablets, Mobile v. Mobility, etc., etc. Perhaps this is a multi-week topic? Some of you may agree, or maybe it’s just me: for all the potential impact of mobile and all the buzz surrounding it, we don’t seem to talk about it much. Or perhaps I am running in the wrong ‘circles.’ Pun intended. One substantive discussion I can recall is a recent #smchat moderated, at least in part, by Joseph Ruiz (@smsjoe), who I consider a great champion and knowledgeable advocate of mobile application technology. Joe seems to have coined, or at least heartily embraced, the concept of SoMoLo, or Social, Mobile, Local. Ya gotta love that. Can we argue the logic of embracing a technology that is used almost universally across geographic, political, and cultural boundaries? And, even with a global spread and influence, is so powerfully relevant right in our own neighborhoods?

My colleague in #SMXChat, Ehsan, (@digiconvs) was enthusiastic about this week’s choice of topic, excitedly proclaiming that about 80% of Twitter activity is on mobile devices. I have seen recent estimates that in the near future (is it 2014?) mobile devices will outnumber humans on the planet. I guess some of us will have a few of ’em. Many of us already do! Let’s just hope that developers are keeping in mind The Three Laws (with deference to the admired Mr. Asimov.)

One last bit of commentary before our discussion: I am a big fan of KISS. The rock band  and the principle. Keep it simple – the golden rule of technology. In regard to mobile, see Zachary Seward’s (@zseward) fascinating blog post on the evolution of simple design in Foursquare.

Let’s explore a few compelling topics in the mobile experience and see where it takes us. We are open to continuing the discussion in future chats!

Q1) How have mobile apps impacted social media?

Q2) Why is big social media so woefully behind on mobile?

Q3) Why isn’t the move to mobile devices universal already?

Q4) Is it the ‘mobile web’, or something else?

Q5) How far is the convergence of computing, mobility and media going to go?

Q6) What are some favorite mobile apps, and why?

Q7) What are some exciting and creative new mobile apps?

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