I will admit this confusion that I have: Is LinkedIn ‘social media’? And yes, I am known for asking inane questions for which the answer is obvious. Or is it? The crux of my question is whether a business-oriented networking site like LinkedIn qualifies as social media. You know, it started out as sort of SaaS Rolodex. LinkedIn, you’ve come a long way, baby! And along the way, picked up a lot of attributes that are morphing you into a social media force to be reckoned with.

I rather think of LinkedIn with two ‘personalities.’ There’s the professional networking aspect where we create our individual online resumes and CVs. I tell you, with LinkedIn, I don’t need no stinking resume. That’s cool. Then there’s the business promotional aspect of LinkedIn. Practically a website in and of itself. An online billboard. Which is cool, because LinkedIn is a place where we are (and can be) unapologetically self-promotional. That certainly distinguishes it from the mainstream of social media, doesn’t it?

The networking attributes of LinkedIn are founded on individual connections established through business contacts. Connections allow to us share our stories of professional experience and  knowledge. This is a valuable source of recruiting information.

The company page is a serious promotional opportunity in many ways. In a network of over 200 million professionals, it’s important to have a company presence.

This weeks questions will get us talking about where LinkedIn fits in a social media strategy for your business.

Q1) What’s important in building a LinkedIn Company Profile?

Q2) Why should businesses encourage associates to have LinkedIn profiles?

Q3) Is self-promotion acceptable on LinkedIn? In what ways?

Q4) Individuals have connections. What are good ways for a company to get followers?

Q5) LinkedIn ads. Good? Bad? or Ugly.

Q6) Do we bring up recommendations and endorsements? Do companies get them?

Q7) LinkedIn search seems under-used, yet reasonably useful. Thoughts?

Q8) What are your favorite LinkedIn features? The latest: LinkedIn ‘Contacts.’