Full disclosure: I like Twitter. It just seems to ‘fit’ my style and my personality. It’s dynamic and fast-moving. There are lots of interesting people there. Smart ones, too. For any topic and any interest, you can probably find a community, or tribe, whatever, on Twitter that has about three thousand people wanting to chat about it. What’s not to like?

So if you’re in to such things, yeah, about 90% of my social media ‘influence’ (according to the influence measures Klout or Peerindex) comes from Twitter. And for me, it is my individual persona. I follow a good number of Twitter Chat communities, among them #TChat, #SWChat, #HCSM, #CXO, and, of course, #SMXChat. I learn something every time I participate. It’s a great place for sharing ideas and suggestions and ‘picking the brains’ of industry experts and thought leaders.

Twitter is a powerful marketing vehicle, too. Real-time contact with a universe of internet-connected consumers? That’s a marketers dream, isn’t it?

Today’s questions surround where, when and how Twitter adds value to social media presence. Whether you’re a solo-preneur, a small business, or a global business – what works for you?

Q1) How does an individual or small business get started on Twitter? What steps work to establish an identity?

Q2) As a business, how should we use Twitter?

Q3) The web site is our business’ online ‘home’. How do we use Twitter to complement it?

Q4) What are some not-so-known features of Twitter that we all should know? (including useful 3rd-party apps)

Q5) What social media platforms work best with Twitter to cross-promote content?

Q6) What’s the best kind of content to promote via Twitter?

Q7) What’s new with Twitter? i.e., Twitter Music, Twitter acquisitions, new Twitter apps.