We run the risk of overkill on the topic of Facebook, maybe, but in our continuing theme of evaluating and discussing social media platforms, how can we leave this one out? Plus, there are some new features and attributes to discuss. Facebook is the (debatable?) leader in social media subscribers, right? It retains its popularity with the younger crowd (particularly high schoolers) and is well-established as a brand-marketing channel.

In today’s discussion, let’s take a shot at how Facebook continues to shape the social media landscape.

Q1) Have you gotten used to timeline? There was another recent change. Is it an improvement for brand/fan pages?

Q2) Graph search is rolling out. The principle is that we care about what our Friends care about. Do we?

Q3) There is talk of FB combining aggregated ‘big data’ into the mix for graph search. A good idea?

Q4) What are some compelling ideas for business/organizational use of graph search?

Q5) Sponsored stories and ‘like’ suggestions in the newsfeed. Do they work?

Q6) ‘Shop For’ apps, like for birthdays. Seems like a good idea. Are people using them?

Q7) Some users have blasted Facebook mobile for a while. Is Facebook Home (Mobile OS) the answer?

Q8) What is your favorite feature of Facebook? Why? How can the rest of us learn for your experience with that?