Those of us who spend time at it have an intuitive feel for where to spend our social media effort; but say you’re a small business owner wanting to get started. What to do? This week’s #SMXChat questions and discussion are about getting your small business started in social media. Let’s put on our consultant hats, and give some helpful advice. Anticipating the typical question: Is it easier said than done?

1) Is social media all about marketing? Is that even the place to start?

2) What criteria determine which platform(s) to participate in?

3) Should a small business spread its message(s) across as many social media platforms as possible?

4) Does the message change by social media platform? How?

5) What aspects of the business are best served in social media? Marketing, sales, customer service?

6) How does social media work for a local business?

7) What’s the best use of time on social media for a busy business owner?

8) How does the small business owner measure if social media is ‘working’?