Let’s face it, we’re all here to heard, right? So should we be broadcasting on every channel, or should we focus where we have an audience and the best opportunity for our message to be heard?

As I consider the answer to that quandary, I am reminded that the questions we face are similar for each platform or channel we choose to participate in. For me, the best bloggers do these things really well: First, they are concise. Who has time to read more than one page? Second, they choose topics and events that consistently resonate with their audience. Third, they take a stand on the topic.

So today, let’s talk about blogging as a social media tool.

Q1) Just about everybody says you should blog. Why?

Q2) Should your blog be the centerpiece of your social media presence? When? And when, not?

Q3) Should a blog be your web presence?

Q4) Does the blog attract the audience, or do you feed the audience your blog thru social media channels?

Q5) What’s  your favorite blogging platform? Why?

Q6) What are some awesome tools/widgets that enhance your blog’s reach?