In many of the forums that we attend and monitor, there is a recurring theme in regard to which Social Media Platform matches best to specific needs. And while there is usually agreement that each platform provides a nuanced difference in your content sharing, messaging and calls to action, there is a lot of confusion (Are we alone here?) about where and how to match content and messaging to audience for optimal engagement.

Today, we begin a series of discussions about the various attributes and strengths of each Social Media platform, starting with Google+. We start here, why? Well, because it is obvious that G+ is here to stay. It is gaining strength and has carved a niche in the Social Media landscape by virtue of, well, it’s Google, for gosh sakes!

So let’s talk about G+. We approach the topic with some very basic questions because it can’t be that we are the only ones with some confusion and perhaps, misconceptions.

Q1) What is unique about Google+?

Q2) What are the most useful  attributes of G+?

Q3) Where do you think G+ fits into the Social Media landscape today. In the future?

Q4) What kinds of users/businesses/organizations are making best use of G+ today?

Q5) Where do we see G+ in two years? Five years?

Image courtesy of Tier10Lab and Google.