Our first #SMXChat will focus on ‘What is the Social Media Experience?’ As we considered topics for our first chat, it seemed fitting to start, well, at the beginning. There is much being said and much yet to be said about the ‘customer experience’ in traditional online media, i.e., web site design/navigation and web-based customer service.  What part will the emergence of social media play in adding to (or subtracting from) that experience?

Our topics for Tuesday’s #SMXChat will get us on the way to considering the opportunities and impacts of social on the customer/audience experience.

Q1) What’s your take on Social Media Experience? From an audience perspective, is the ‘experience’ important?

Q2) In Social Media, what should come first – your audience’s experience, or how your brand/image is portrayed?

Q3) In the context of customer acquisition, should Social Media be primarily to drive visitors to a web site?

Q4) As a marketer, PR pro, community manager, whatever – does SM serve you, or do you use it to serve your audience?

Image credit: http://www.postano.com/blog/how-to-integrate-social-media-into-your-website