Social Media Experience is an idea born out of conversations between two people, who never met in person. In fact if they go to a coffee shop right now and sit opposite each other, there is a big chance that they won’t recognise each other; unless they both tweet at the same time and say where they are…But how on earth these two found each other and even without knowing each other decided to commence something as big as an international chat?

What made Social Media Experience a reality is the power of social media and Twitter chats; where these two people virtually met; one in the US and one in the UK. By the way, these two also have a name each; Mark and Ehsan.

Mark and Ehsan discussed a theme between them and then asked few questions on Twitter to see if anyone would be interested in their idea; creating a resourceful and informative social media community. The outcome was encouraging and they decided to run a weekly Twitter chat called Social Media Experience with the #SMXChat every Tuesday at 3pm EST which is 8pm GMT. Social Media Experience Chat will have a topic every week with set of questions to be answered by all participate in the chat; so it is all about you and your input.

Social Media Experience chats are all about you, your business in the social media scene and your customers. Every business faces challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to social media; Social Media Experience Chat is designed to bring everyone who has a say together to:

  • Exchange knowledge and experience
  • Share insights
  • Learn from each other

You never know, #SMXChat may become your home to find the best talents across the Atlantic for all your social media needs. So please tune in to find out when the first @SMXChat will be.

In the meantime please do feel free to submit your suggestions, comments and ideas by using the comment functionality below.

We look forward to a big start with you all. Thank you for your time and support.